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Professional Development

Training Topics:

  • Analyzye PASS for 2015-17
  • Cross Walk PASS with Resources
  • Writing- ES, MS, HS
  • Learning to Read and Understand CRT, EOI, A-F Report Card Testing Report
  • A-F Report Card Interpretation
  • Identify/Use Weakest/Strongest to Improve Instructional Delivery and Best Practices
  • Curriculum Mapping/Pacing
  • Increasing High School Graduation Rates
  • Decreasing College Remediation Rates
  • PLC’s-Horizontal Team Meetings and Vertical Team Meetings
  • School Improvement Team Meeting
  • Academic Vocabulary
  • Intervention Strategies
  • Benchmark and Common Assessments
  • Early Childhood CRT
  • "Tools of the Mind" based programs 3 yr old & up
  • Data Disaggregation and Data Driven Decision Making
  • Info on Mind in the Making
  • Increasing Student Academic Achievement through Strategies
  • Improving Teacher and Principal Quality
  • Increasing the Number of Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Improvement in Student Academic Achievement
  • Integration into the District Curriculum
  • Reading, Math, STEM, Social Studies, and Science Curriculum Alignment
  • RTI- Response To Intervention
  • Benchmark Objectives: How to Incorporate the PASS Benchmark Objectives into the Curriculum
  • Teacher/Leader Effectiveness Trainings: Preparing Teachers to Understand Effective Methods of Delivering Instruction
  • Teacher Instructional Strategies: Professional Development Addressing High-risk Students and Methods for Delivering Instruction
  • Differentiated Instruction: Addressing High-risk Students
  • Student Behavior Issues: Information on Identifying Early and Appropriate Intervention
  • Technology Addressing Effective Methods for Technology Inclusion in the Classroom
  • Improving Instruction of Academic Standards
  • New teacher Training

  • EDIT Commitment

    We work to customize all training to meet each school's professional development needs. All trainers are former Oklahoma teachers, administrators, university trainers, and/or State Department personnel.

    Professional Development Fees:

    Full Day $1500 (Includes all expenses)

    Half Day $1250 (Includes all expenses)

    Professional Book Studies

  • Hear Our Cry: Boys In Crisis

  • Grading for Learning

  • How Full is Your Bucket?

  • The Energy Bus

  • Motivating Students Who Don't Care

  • Working With Parents: Building Relationships for Student Success

  • Professional Learning Communities at Work